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The Complicated Factors of Injury Cases: Determining Negligence and Filing for Bankruptcy

The Complicated Factors of Injury Cases: Determining Negligence and Filing for Bankruptcy

Sometimes after automobile accidents occur and a person is seriously injured, others try to find a reason to blame that person. Even if another driver has been confirmed to be at fault for the incident, people may try to figure out if the injured person was at least partly to blame. do i qualify for bankruptcy chapter 7 can give them a sense of control and reassurance that this type of accident will never happen to them.


For instance, they may gain a sense of security by learning that the injured person was talking on the phone when the accident occurred. Since they never use the phone while driving, they believe they are less likely to get into a wreck.


Insurance Companies Look for Negligent Behavior


Insurance companies also use this tactic, but for a different reason. Adjusters look for reasons that the injured person was partly to blame so there is justification for offering a lower settlement amount than would otherwise be considered reasonable. Handheld cell phone use at the time of the collision may be presented as partial negligence, distracting the driver to a certain extent.


should i declare bankruptcy , slip and fall incidents and other accidents not only can cause severe injuries, but sometimes result in fatalities. Families of the victim may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit if someone else's negligence or carelessness led to this accident. This is one of the most traumatic emotional experiences for close relatives, with the death being completely unexpected.


When Accidents Lead to Bankruptcy


In some instances, serious injuries resulting from a vehicle accident can lead to bankruptcy. There simply is no way for the person to keep up with expenses, so credit card and loan payments have to be ignored. The medical bills and lost wages should be covered by an insurance company settlement, but it can take many months before that settlement is received.


When the injury causes permanent harm or disability, or the accident caused a fatality, a personal injury lawyer may recommend bringing the case to trial. That takes even longer.


Filing for personal bankruptcy chapter 7 is a possibility. Hiring an organization like John Henderson Law can be especially helpful since this attorney handles bankruptcy filings as well as personal injury cases. This can be a complicated matter since the accident victim will likely receive a large sum of money relatively soon after previous debts are discharged through this filing. Experienced legal counsel is essential.