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Tips For Treating Allergies With Chinese Medicine

Tips For Treating Allergies With Chinese Medicine

For some people, allergies are very hard to treat with standard, over-the-counter or even prescription medicines. gibraltar business capital that help the allergy symptoms often come with unpleasant side effects and are not recommended at all for some patients. Chinese medicine offers a variety of alternative treatments that work as well as or better than prescription medicines for many patients. The following are some tips for treating allergies with Chinese medicine.


What Are Allergies?


An allergic reaction happens when the body mounts an immune response to an otherwise harmless substance, like pollen, dust mites, or bee venom. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all pain and disease stem from a disturbance in the flow of energy, or qi, throughout the body. A blocked energy flow creates disharmony within the body that can be manifested in symptoms of different kinds. Often symptoms point to an organ or system in the body where energy is especially weak, such as the lungs (when patients have coughing and sneezing) or the liver (when patients have red and itchy eyes).


Treating Allergies With Herbs


Herbal medicines are one of the main holistic treatments used in traditional Chinese medicine, and doctors use complex blends of natural herbs, roots, bark, and other substances to formulate a remedy that matches each patient's body and complaint. The blend is important because each herb's effect can be enhanced or minimized by the presence of other herbs in the blend. Some common ingredients in Chinese allergy treatments for hay fever include Japanese catnip, magnolia flower buds, chrysanthemum flowers, and cassia flowers, to name just a few.


Treating acupuncture maui By Releasing Blocked Energy


In addition to herbal remedies, many Chinese medicine practitioners recommend a course of acupuncture as well. This treatment involves the insertion of extremely fine needles along certain meridians, or pathways, where the energy circulates. Using needles around the nose can ease nasal congestion or sneezing almost immediately. client appointment software report the best results from giving acupuncture while the patient is exposed to an allergen. For patients who are afraid of needles, acupressure is an alternative method of balancing qi that involves pressure applied at specific points on the body.


Treating Allergies With DietDiet can also play an important role in managing allergies. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, allergy sufferers should avoid foods that cause a build-up of mucus, including most dairy products, and stick to foods that promote healthy digestion, like vegetables and boiled grains. Digestive problems can also cause the body to produce excess mucus. Practitioners also recommend eliminating or seriously reducing consumption of sweets and refined carbs. To read more about Chinese medicine for allergies, visit Satori Holistic Wellness.