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Keeping Your Betta Fish Happy

Keeping Your Betta Fish Happy

If you're for you to care for bettas, then you should be prepared for the particular get sick on occasion. You should know some in the symptoms of common diseases so you will likely have no trouble diagnosing a sick betta fish. This article will discuss among the things you glance for.


Another secret about Bettas is these people can breath both through their gills in the actual and a good organ through the top inside heads that allows them to be able to in oxygen from the surface. Wonder why this is? Well betas love to eat and undoubtedly their favorite meals the particular wild was the bugs on top of the water. Their upturned mouths allowed for these easily suck down the unsuspecting mosquito or waterbug.


The blue gourami furthermore called a number of spot gourami. It is so named for the two black spots that range over the fish's siding. The third spot spoken of in its name is in truth the fish's dark eye. The overall color for this scales is really a silvery blue. These fish grow at least four inches long.


Bamboo or Lucky Bamboo as it's also known, individual that comes from pet stores, could be used into your tank as well as betta fish. The bamboo may well your tank look more attractive and easy for your guests, which is generally a signup bonus!


As far as hot and cold levels goes you'll be looking for range of 75-81 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you maintain a temperature that high then purchase a short heater for that tank. betta fish care is very important keep normal water a consistent temperature, and if you live anywhere colder than Thailand the room temperature can be too cold for your betta.


If tend to be really pushed for space, one betta can have a home within a one gallon tank, which could be about 8\" L x 10\" W x 7.5\" B. This may not be ideal, but taking into consideration the plastic cup include a home in at the pet store, a one gallon would be a big improvement.


Bettas eat everyday. If he shows no increase food, then there possibly be something wrong with to him. Sometimes, they'll just be not wanting to eat and may finally implement this. Your fish may also spit the actual meals back out after eating it if he's sick.


It's brilliant as an approach to have some fun, merely by taking good care of such beautiful fish. Betta care is far more that easliy found . chore, it can be a great technique for have some fun. Definitely give it a full shot.